Edward Headington in Gunwalkers.

Writer-Director, Producer

Addison Sandoval is a native of Los Angeles. Sandoval took his first job as a driver at his father’s shop where he got the opportunity to tour some of the toughest parts of the city. Inspired by his experiences, Sandoval enrolled as a Political Science major at the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine. Midway through his studies, Sandoval discovered the singular power of media to cut across boundaries of time and space. He opted to add Film and Media Studies as a dual major and ardently immersed himself in all aspects of the visual language of film. Sandoval saw a mirror image of himself in the early visionaries of cinema whose curiosity led to profound innovation without ever sacrificing story. Sandoval’s journey led him to the USC School of Cinematic Arts where he earned his Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television production.

Special Effects Coordinator

Mr. Hicks is a native to Los Angeles/Hollywood and is the first African-American/Black to be issued a Special Effects, Pyrotechnic Operators’ 1st. class (Masters) License, and this achievement marks a milestone in the Motion Picture and Television Industry. This license qualifies him to plan, lead, coordinate, and determine the safety of every action sequence and formulate stunts to major explosions to achieve a realistic scene. Mr. Hicks’ previous credits include The Lone Ranger, Bone Tomahawk, Scary Movie 2, and The Bachelor. Mr. Hicks descends from a family heritage that includes his grandfather’s distinction as a Buffalo Soldier, who served under General John (Blackjack) Pershing. Mr. Hicks’ grandfather Captain Lee J. Hicks was one of the highest-ranking African-American Military Officers in WW-1, commanding the 317th Ammunition Train Division, from the Port of France to the warfront.

Military Tactical Advisor

Mr. Sigloch reported to MCRD Parris Island, SC in June of 1972. Thirteen weeks later he graduated as “Honor Man” of his platoon and series. He was then meritoriously promoted to Private First Class, was awarded the “American Spirit Honor Medal” and began his life as a marine. As a CH-46 crew chief and door gunner, he served during the evacuation of Saigon in April 1975. His next assignment returned him to Parris Island, S.C., this time to make marines as a drill instructor. He served as a D.I. until 1978. When his tour was over, background checks, training, and a top secret clearance/yankee white access led him to HMX-1 where he served as Ronald Reagan’s crew chief on Marine One. In 1982, Mr. Sigloch received orders to Beirut, Lebanon to work “Special Helo Operations.” His boots were on the ground during the marine barracks bombing. He was ordered back to HMX-1 and put in command of the Presidential Alert Facility at Anacosta, VA where he was deep selected to the rank of gunnery sergeant. IN 1991, while serving at MCAs, El Toro, CA his unit deployed to operation Desert Shield and he remained on station through the end of Operation Desert Storm. Mr. Sigloch retired after twenty- two years on in 1993 as a master sergeant. During his final months in the Marine Corps, Mr. Sigloch was approached about work on the feature film Demolition Man. From there he joined SAG and was subsequently cast as a drill instructor on the pilot episode of JAG where he stayed on to serve as the military technical advisor for all ten seasons. As JAG finished its last season, Mr. Sigloch was contacted to look over a treatment that was in development at Paramount TV. He was subsequently hired as an advisor and cast on the show that would become Threshold. Mr. Sigloch’s previous credits include Pinkville, Batman Forever, and True Lies and he is currently the lead technical advisor for such shows as NCIS, Criminal Minds, Bones, Chuck, and Justified.

Sound Designer

Mr. Osorio hails from Bogota, Columbia where he earned his bachelor’s degree in audio engineering from the Universidad de San Buenaventura, Bogota-Colombia and Associate’s degree in recording arts from the Los Angeles Film School. Mr. Osorio has worked in the sound industry for nearly a decade in a wide array of positions including Production Sound, Dubbing, Sound Design, ADR, Dialogue Editing Re-Recording mixer, Electroacoustics, Psychoacoustics, Architectural acoustics, Live Sound, Music Production, DSP, and Electronics. His clients include The History Channel, A&E, Biography, Lifetime, McDonald's, Time Warner Cable, Sprint, and number of independent production companies.

Master Armorer

Mr. Tristano is one of the largest suppliers of movie and television prop guns in the industry. As a Master Armorer, Mr. Tristano is a state and federally licensed weapons expert and on-set weapons handler with more than 25 years of experience in the entertainment industry and more than 500 movie and TV credits among them The Purge, 3:10 To Yuma, and Top Shot. His company, Mike Tristano & Co. has one of the largest and most diverse inventories of blank- adapted/blank-firing guns in the world.


Originally from the rural countryside of North Carolina (mostly in the Blue Ridge Mountains) Mr. Carazo ended up in Philadelphia where he earned his degree from Temple University in Film and Media Arts. Mr. Carazo has worked in the grip and electric departments for over 3 years. His goal is to join 728 as a CLT and he has been pursuing film work with a burning passion on commercials, corporate videos, short films, documentaries, countless student films, indie features and more. Mr. Carazo moved from Philadelphia in August 2015, where he worked freelance for Maestro Filmworks and was second camera for a host of other companies. He worked an internship for the City of Philadelphia in digital media along with a sting at Comcast Interactive Media for 7 years in a professional office in video content management.

Costume Designer

Ms. Culp has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in fashion design from the Art Institute of California- Hollywood and an Associate of Arts Degree in Fashion Design from Brooks College. Ms. Culp specializes in action and thriller filmmaking thriving in staying versatile for on-location shooting in harsh environments. She is a connoisseur of everything fashion and design related and is passionate about telling stories through character development.