Addison Sandoval, Joseph Williams, and Dimitry Rozental in Gunwalkers.

Addison Sandoval is a native of Los Angeles. Sandoval took his first job as a driver at his father’s shop where he got the opportunity to tour some of the toughest parts of the city. Inspired by his experiences, Sandoval enrolled as a Political Science major at the School of Social Sciences at the University of California, Irvine.

Midway through his studies, Sandoval discovered the singular power of media to cut across boundaries of time and space. He opted to add Film and Media Studies as a dual major and ardently immersed himself in all aspects of the visual language of film. Sandoval saw a mirror image of himself in the early visionaries of cinema whose curiosity led to profound innovation without ever sacrificing story.

Sandoval’s journey led him to the USC School of Cinematic Arts where he earned his Master of Fine Arts in Film and Television Production. There he wrote, directed, and produced the award-winning Live Another Day for the Steven Spielberg Shoah Foundation as well as the gritty Neo-noir action thriller, Gunwalkers, inspired by the events of the deadly Fast and Furious scandal of 2009.

Most recently, Sandoval worked in development at Paramount Pictures alongside producers Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Mark Vahradian. Sandoval is currently polishing up three new spec scripts and finalizing a pitch for a fourth. Additionally, Sandoval is a lecturer in English, Film Production, Screenwriting, Media Studies, and Political Science at campuses throughout Southern California.